Animal friendships show love is deeper than species

Many people think that humans differ from animals because animals cannot love or feel empathy. They think these emotions are restricted to those in human bodies.

The video below illustrates that animals indeed can display love and friendships with one another. We even find in many circumstances, that animals from one species can exchange love and friendship with an animal of another species. Check out this video that surveys a few relationships between animals of different species. There are many others out there - this is just a few that we know about:

This is but one of many illustrations that within the bodies of animals are living beings that have - just as we have - feelings and emotions and the need to love and be loved.

Yes, there is a reduced capacity of animals to express their need for love. Yes, the bodies and the brains they are occupying have less ability to communicate as we can. But their need for love and their ability to show love for others is still inherent.

This is because within the bodies of these animals is a spirit-person who is made of another composition. The basic need of the spirit-person is to exchange loving relationships. This is why humans will seek love throughout our lifetimes. This is coming from the soul within. Animals also have souls. This video confirms it.